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Imagine yourself walking to the front of a crowded room. You climb a few steps and take the stage, standing to one side while you are being introduced. The MC completes his introduction and finally, the moment has arrived...

It's time for YOU to take center stage. You feel the adrenalin shoot through your body as you walk confidently forward to shake the MC's hand. Then you take a deep breath and finally face the audience. There's a sea of faces all looking at you expectantly. They have paid a lot of money to hear you speak. You can feel the tension in the room and ripples of excitement.

Can I perform?

Are you confident that your message is one that others will want to hear much less pay for? Are you sure about that? Owning the room starts with having confidence. It means being confident that you can deliver a message of importance and deliver it with power. It starts off in your own mind. If ever there was a time for insecurities to surface, it will be when you're getting ready to speak in front of an audience. How can I conquer this fear? If you need help dealing with your inner demons, go the the RADIO section of this site and in the archives look for the episode entitled 'Conquering the Fear Factor'.

It will make a world of difference.

Just do it!

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