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Congratulations on installing your own pocket Question Generator.


Questions are at the core of learning and growth. They are certainly central to developing and sustaining good relationships.


If you wish to improve your communication/presentation/speaking skills, it is essential that you are able to answer questions clearly and succinctly.  This App is intended as an aid in that it will allow you to generate random questions in various categories that you will be required to answer within an allotted time frame. We will be adding questions on an ongoing basis so the questions will all be fresh. We will also be adding new categories that will provide further aid. Categories like "Philosophical Questions" "Dating Questions" "Conversation Starters" etc. 


Select the chosen time frame. e.g. 30 seconds to 1 minute. There are numerous preset time ranges and even an option to set your own customized range. 


Select your question category. This App is completely free to use but you may purchase question packs at a later stage. Right now we provide limited question categories but will continue to add questions regularly so that you have different questions to consider. If you'd like us to add questions, please email us at


Click on GENERATE. The question will appear on the next screen. If you do not like the question or would like to try another, you may click on NEXT QUESTION. It is better that you don't and rather be prepared to answer any question, even if it's one you don't like. This is good practice for those times when you get called upon to answer a question and you have to think on your feet. 


When you are ready to answer the question, click on START TIMER. You will be taken to another screen where the question is shown (in smaller font) at the top, together with the time range, and a timer. The timer will start automatically. If you wish to stop the timer, click on the Pause button. If you wish to restart the timer, click on the Play button. If you wish to reset the timer, click on the reset button. This will set the timer back to zero.


Answer the question within the given time range. You must speak until the green light appears and you must stop speaking before or when the red light appears. The yellow light appears at the halfway mark. If you have selected 30 seconds to 1 minute, the green light will appear when the timer hits 30 seconds, the yellow light will appear when you hit 45 seconds and the red light will appear at one minute.  You will also hear a ding when the maximum time limit has been reached. Train yourself to speak within time constraints and finish before the light turns red. The yellow light will serve as a warning. If you want to answer another question, click on NEXT QUESTION.

Practice a little every day. We recommend that you answer at least 3 questions a day. If you keep this up, you will be surprised at how much your communication skills will improve. We will also be adding helpful tips that you can read and implement.


The Speaker's Gym App is brought to you by Chanti Niven International:

Owner: Chanti Niven (All rights reserved)

Tel: 818-732-0632


Address: 20600 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills CA 91364

Please direct all questions to with "App" in the subject line

We look forward to your feedback

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