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Communication skills are vital to your success in your personal and business life. If you do not know how to present yourself effectively you will reduce your chances of being noticed and remembered. Whether you interview for that job or pitch your business idea for investment, how you come across will determine how successful you will be. There are so many factors at play here. Your posture, how you walk, gesture, and speak are but a few. Most people think that your vocabulary is important. The words you choose are important as is the way you deliver them, but there are ways that you are communicating that you may not be aware of. How trustworthy do people find you to be? Will they believe you when you speak? This may not be so much about what they hear but what they read from your “energy”. We all put out signals that either draws people to us or repel them from us. Charismatic, magnetic people have special qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the pack. People are drawn to them and this automatically gives them an advantage. Whether you are directly in sales or not, you must learn how to be persuasive. It is an art that will open doors for you and bring you great wealth. Chanti Niven will teach you all that you need to know to be a captivating speaker.


"Chanti is a phenomenon as a motivational speaker,  pumping more energy than a major oil company!"

- John Graves (President Command Post)


Chanti Niven is a multiple award-winning international public speaking champion, successful entrepreneur, and popular business and speaking coach hired by some of the world's most successful people, including celebrities, entertainers, politicians, executives, and educators. She helps her clients uncover their personal brands and dramatically increase their income. Her clients double, triple, and even quadruple their income through coaching. She is the creator of the Captivating Speakers Program, is the founder and owner of Chanti Niven International (CNI), CEO of Captivating Speakers LLC., and is Vice-Chair of GERA (The Global Education Research Alliance). 

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Order Chanti's latest book on Amazon Kindle or in paperback. Learn how you can captivate our distracted modern audiences. Learn the skills of the world's most captivating speakers and become more interesting and memorable today.


"I cannot put it down!!! I don’t have the willpower to read a mediocre/lukewarm book. This is a brilliant un-put-down-able read." - Candice A


"Everyone should read this book if they want to be a better speaker. It's such an entertaining and easy read and I have learned so much from it already. I can't wait to practice what I've learned." - Tanya G


"I am amazed at how this book has literally changed my sales easily with just a few chapters of reading. “What you are saying” capitalizes on what you present to the world. Meaning it has helped me to engage better with my customers in ways I have never considered. " - Verified Amazon Customer


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Chanti Niven has thousands of followers on social media and has over Three Million views of her answers on Quora.

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What AreYou Saying?

You "speak" volumes before you even utter a word. People form an opinion of you in split seconds. You want to make the best impression you can and knowing HOW you come across is key. It's a secret code that can either unlock doors to opportunity or slam them shut. Have you ever wondered how you appear to others when you walk into a room? The truth is, that we often underestimate the influence of our demeanor, style, and gestures. The truth is that they speak louder than any words you could say. Here's the fascinating part: most of us aren't fully aware of the power we wield through non-verbal cues. It's time to tap into this extraordinary potential and learn how to present the most captivating version of yourself. Imagine rewriting the way people perceive you forever. It's not just about saying the right words; it's about mastering the art of self-presentation. The impact is profound. It's a transformation that leaves an indelible mark and changes the way the world sees you. Are you ready to captivate, influence, and redefine your presence? It's time to join Captivating Speakers!"

The Art of Captivating

Your Audience - Money - Clients - Your Employees or Employers - Sales - Shareholders - Everyone

"She IS her brand - Captivating! I was captivated from her first word to her last.  After hearing her talk I went into action and everything changed for me.  My income almost doubled in just over a year and I'm happier than I've ever been."

- Marie DuPrie (Entrepreneur)

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Book Chanti Niven for Keynotes

Chanti shares remarkable stories of triumph over tragedy, in her popular keynotes. As a speaker, she teaches how to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and bounce back to achieve success.


After a series of tragedies, she faced death and was left legally blind. She says that these events changed her life and set her on the path to her passion. Her story about her fight back to life and the journey to regain her eyesight and reclaim her life is an inspiring and uplifting one.


Book Chanti Niven as your keynote speaker for your next event. Your team will be captivated and will come away feeling motivated and inspired.




Are You Ready?

Chanti believes you learn best when having fun!


Captivating Speakers Program

"Unlock Your Potential with The Captivating Speakers Program 


Prepare to embark on a transformative journey like no other, where the keys to powerful communication and personal branding are unveiled. Welcome to the Captivating Speakers Program, the brainchild of the remarkable Chanti Niven. Chanti Niven, a luminary in the field of communication, brings to the table a blend of expertise in communication, social and behavioral psychology, and an unwavering curiosity about the intricacies of the human mind. With a track record of success as an entrepreneur, she has distilled her wealth of knowledge and experience into the very essence of the Captivating Speakers Program.


Chanti is a force of nature, impassioned about guiding others on a journey of self-discovery. Her mission? To help you tap into your core essence and reveal your unique personal brand, empowering you to achieve success and become a more influential contributor to society.


Are you ready to embark on a transformational odyssey? CLICK HERE to enter the magical world of Captivating Speakers, where your voice finds its power, and your brand finds its purpose. Don't miss this opportunity to unleash your full potential!

Your Time is Now

Anyone can get up and speak but there is a secret to CAPTIVATING an audience. In today's fast-paced world, your "people" skills are more important than ever. Being "captivating" is not about showmanship, it's about being authentic and communicating from your innermost CORE to touch the core of others. Chanti will teach you how to make a great impression - one that lasts. 

What Her Clients Are Saying

Chanti Niven is a phenomenon as a motivational speaker and trainer, pumping more energy than a major oil company. 

—  John Graves, President of Command Post


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