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What Are You Saying?

Learn How to Captivate Today's Distracted Audiences.

In our modern digital world, concentration spans are shorter and people don't listen for long.  If you want to stand out from the pack you must learn how to grab and hold attention. More importantly, you want to speak in such a way that you are unforgettable.


If you do not want to be lost in the noise and you want to be noticed, then this book is for you. Based on the latest findings in brain science, social and behavioral psychology and 30 years of the author's experience in the public speaking field, this book provides you all the tools you need to become a captivating speaker and speak up and stand out!


     There is no limit. People who have the gift of the gab have a great advantage. It's well known that great speakers are more successful and earn more money than their less eloquent peers. Companies who hire list oral communication skills as their number ONE most desirable skill. If you're an entrepreneur, YOU are your brand. What you're saying will determine how well your product or service sells. There are no two ways about it, if you want to be successful, learn to be a captivating speaker and success will come to you. One of Chanti Niven's clients increased her earnings tenfold in six months. She went from earning 10K per month to 100K per month. She directly attributes this success to her training with Chanti Niven and with Speaker's Gym.












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     There are a plethora of public speaking and communication books out there and, trust me, being as obsessed as I am about the subject, I’ve read a great many of them. Many focus on how to structure a speech or on how to present using vocal variety or how to use effective body language and command the stage. It’s all useful but none of them really helps people understand what stands in the way of their success as a speaker or communicator. None help them understand what will help them break through their mental blocks once an for all so that they can be truly captivating speakers.


     I’m a firm believer that our biggest blocks reside in our minds, or rather in the way our brains work. We need our minds to speak well but they certainly work against many of us when it comes to speaking in public. The great news is that there are ways to trick the brain into doing things differently to achieve a different result. We’ve all watched speakers mumble, stumble and fail. For example, did you happen to see Michael Bay presenting at the Samsung Press Conference in 2014 when they launched their new curved screen tv? If you didn’t catch it, please check it out on YouTube. It’s utterly excruciating to watch but it may also make you feel better about yourself and your public speaking abilities. It demonstrates that no amount of money, or talent, will help in the situation when your brain freezes up. However, if you learn how your mind works, you can change how you present forever. That’s one of the primary focuses of this book. How to hit the switch that will take you from being self-conscious to being others-conscious. In other words, how to change your focus. If it’s the ONLY thing you take away, you will automatically become a better speaker. It’s the reason I get such dramatic results in such a short time.


     Another takeaway from this book is how you can make a greater impact when you speak and how you can learn to be more memorable. If you are going to work on improving your speaking, please make these priorities. You’ve watched speeches and maybe you’ve even enjoyed some of them immensely, but it’s likely you’ve forgotten most of the content within a day or two. A week later and you’ll be hard pressed to share what the speech was even about, beyond a couple of lines maybe. Go on, give it a try. What do you remember about the last speech you watched? During a traumatic time in my life, I struggled with brain fog and began having issues with my memory. The trauma seemed to affect my thinking. It was obvious I was in a state of shock. It’s a scary experience and it’s not made easier when you understand why it happens. Anyway, it led me to look for solutions and I bought my first book on memory. I was hooked and I began to study the methods of the memory masters —people who were able to remember vast tracts of information with speed and seeming ease. It was very useful to learn these techniques but as I studied more and more, I had a sudden revelation. I wondered, “What if this can help me and others make our speeches more memorable?” When you know the techniques, you’ll be able to speak in such a way that people will not forget what you have said. And, if there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you don’t want to be forgettable. We all hope we will be remembered.


     The one thing that is standing in the way of you becoming a gripping speaker is YOU, more precisely what YOU think of YOU. Your own judgment is the chain that binds you and holds you captive. When you strain against the chain and keep straining until it breaks, and you unleash your core (the true force within you), you automatically become captivating.  Please just meditate on this for a little while. What’s inside you? What needs to come out? In this book, you will learn how to captivate any audience* and you will learn how to make a great impression, an impression that lasts. To captivate you must be able to grab and hold attention. Few speakers can do this effectively and, in today’s digital, distracted world it has become even more difficult because people’s attention spans have diminished to the point that they can barely focus for seconds at a time, never mind minutes, or hours. Even if you are able to grab their attention, it’s unlikely that what you say will be remembered for any length of time. Anyone can get up and speak but very few are able to hold others’ attention and fewer are very memorable. Even fewer can influence people to act and can bring about lasting change. That should ultimately be your goal. I have been to thousands of talks over the years and only a handful of speakers really stood out for me. I’ve asked my clients about talks they’ve watched and asked them to recall as much as they could and it would shock you how little they are able to remember. It has to make you wonder why people bother to get up to speak at all. That’s why I’ve written this book. I want to help you become a captivating speaker so that you won’t bore me…I mean… your audience, to tears. I want you to be able to captivate your audience from your first word to your last. I want your talks to be gripping and I want your audience to remember you, and, even more importantly, remember your message so that they can be transformed by it. If you learn these skills, you will be able to impact people and change their lives for the better. This is how you can leave a legacy in your world. Be warned. These skills are powerful in that they will allow you to persuade and influence others. Please only use with good intentions and with a sincere aim to improve others’ lives. *Your audience is anyone who is in front of you, whether one person or many. These skills can be applied to conversation as well as to speaking in public.


This is the secret behind THE SECRET that the world's most successful people know but don't share.