7 Secrets to Captivate an Audience

March 4, 2017

Here are just seven ways you can make a good first impression and make an impact.


  • Who is there? Find out more about who will be in your audience prior to speaking. I always do a comprehensive survey prior to all speaking engagements. I have a checklist that I go through. I want to know the ratio male to female, age groups, professions, interests etc. I also always try to arrive early and mingle with my audience, shake their hands and chat with as many as possible so that I can get a feel for them.

  • Speak to the audience's interests. Remember that it's not about you, it's about them. If you have information to share then make sure that this information is presented in a way that will be of interest to them. An audience will always be thinking WIFM (What's in it for me?)

  • Make eye-contact. Careful of eye patterns that include sweeping over the audience like a windscreen wiper blade. Make eye contact with individuals for a good few seconds throughout the audience. Do not leave one side out in favor of another.

  • Smile. There really is no better way to connect with others than to smile. Make sure it's a genuine smile because people can spot a fake a mile off.

  • Use embracing and open body language. Open body, arms open and palms facing up. Feet must point forward and be about hip distance apart.

  • Use humor. Some self-deprecating humor is a good idea. Ronald Reagan was the master in this area.

  • Be conversational. Ask the audience questions or get them involved in some way. Audience participation is a great way to break the ice and to get people engaged.



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