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TALK ABOUT TALK is a podcast radio show hosted by Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays (see show schedule). We started the show with a view to helping our listeners improve their speaking abilities. Every month we will select a new theme and provide valuable tips that will definitely help you to speak better. We know that this is a skill that will help to improve your life like nothing else can. Listen in, follow us and subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes. The best is still to come




Monday 7:30 am - Talk about Talk Educational segment for adults.
Each week we have a theme and provide valuable information to help you improve your speaking skills.


Wednesday 7:30 am - Club Captivate Educational segment. Only for members of Club Captivate. 


Friday 7:30 am - Friday Funnies hosted by Daniel Mentz with the girls, Chanti and Desiree. See below.

Daniel Mentz is a Captivating Speaker and trainer and runs our humor and improv classes.

Zachary is a Captivating Speakers student and also an accomplished actor.


Every Friday morning, Daniel joins us from 7:30 am to 8:30 am for light-hearted talk about humor and improv. It's a great way to kick off your weekend. Join us for a chat or chuckle and call in on 646-649-0066


To find out more about our comedy and improv classes CLICK HERE



Bullies and Superheroes Interview 
with Zach by Desiree Luethy

Once a week Chanti Niven will interview a remarkable person with a great story to share. We are inspired by stories and the purpose of this weekly broadcast is to provide inspiration for our listeners through the extraoradinary stories of others.  Listen to stories of courage and learn how people managed to overcome in spite of all the obstacles stacked against them. Every Saturday morning at 9 am.

Click on the logo above to visit our blogtalkradio website. To subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes, click on the button shown on the right (red arrow points to the icon) or follow us on facebook or twitter.

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