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Captivating Kids training is fun. Our innovative methods help kids learn these important skills through games and activities. If they "buy in" it's much easier to get them to participate and thus benefit from training.

During the 6-week program, we cover:


  • Introduction to Captivating Kids and what it takes to captivate others when you speak.

  • Reduction of filler words such as "uh, um, so, like and you know" that dilute your speech. We want our students to become conscious communicators and make every word count.

  • Your speaking voice and how to use it for maximum impact. In this class students learn special breathing and vocal techniques that help them develop a strong voice that projects without causing vocal damage. They also learn how to speak using vocal variety to make their voices sound more interesting.

  • What is your body saying? Learn how to use body language and other non-verbal skills to become a better communicator.

  • Speech writing. Writing for speaking is vastly different to writing for reading. We teach a simple method to produce effective speeches that appeal to audiences.

  • Art of Performance. Use of humor and drama to grab and hold an audience's attention.


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