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Chanti Niven - Founder CEO

What Are You Saying?

Our slogan, 'What Are You Saying?' forms the acronym 'WAYS'.  As a company, our focus is on the WAYS we communicate, within (our internal dialogue) and with the world around us (verbal and non-verbal expression). 




Your ability to communicate well helps you succeed in many areas of life. What you wear, the way you stand and walk, your facial expressions and gestures, all say something about you, before you open your mouth and utter a single word. When you do speak, your tone, word choice, and distinctive speaking style, adds to the picture.  Most people are unaware of how they are perceived and if they were, would understand just how important it is to develop these skills. Captivating  professional coaches teach you how to become a captivating speaker and will help you to speak with confidence, authority, and passion. The Captivating Company is not just another run-of-the-mill 'Public Speaking' company. We take communication skills training to the next level, improving your communication skills to transform  your life.



CAPTIVATING SPEAKERS  Training programs to improve public speaking, presentation skills, masterful communication skills

CAPTIVATING KIDS & TEENS  A unique offering, on-site and in schools to provide professional communication skills training for youth

CAPTIVATING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT  Training provided to educators to help improve student engagement

CAPTIVATING PRODUCTIONS  Publications and  educational videos that also have entertainment value. We make learning fun!

CAPTIVATING CORPORATE ENTERPRISES  Specialized corporate training programs with a focus on communication




The company was founded by Chanti Niven (Chanti Niven International), a multiple award-winning public speaking champion and successful entrepreneur who has founded and developed several multi-million dollar companies.


The Captivating Company is currently owned and run by Chanti Niven, Desiree Luethy and Rick Segall, together with their professional team, Rodney Johnson, Kim Haselhoff, Terry Allen, Daniel Mentz and Alain Washnevsky.