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If you'd like your company to reach new benchmarks of achievement, your leadership must master the art of clear and effective communication and provide employees the same opportunity. The Captivating Speakers Program provides the key to your success. There's no program like it in the United States. 

"I want to first thank you for putting on your Captivating Speakers Workshop. I went into this program thinking "I speak in front of people all of the time, so let's see if I can get a few new tips" Well, a few new tips only covered the first few minutes...." 

- Rick Mark
Famous Auto Sports





Executive Communication Skills Training - Develops captivating communication and leadership skills through our 4 core pillars.

Voice Clinic - Vocal training to learn to develop a mesmerizing voice. Speak so that others cannot help but listen.
Body Language - Learn to effectively read others and use body language to enhance your own speaking skills and credibility.
Executive Presentations - Powerpoint pointlessness to Presentation Power!! Visual aids to make 'em flip out!
The Art of Performance - Using humor and drama to enhance speeches, presentations and everyday conversations.
Conquering the Fear Factor - Learn how to conquer anxiety and fears and speak with confidence and poise. 

Vital Writing Skills - For those who wish to write and communicate better. Includes email etiquette and letter writing. Learn the 'write' stuff!
Advanced Speech-writing - For those who wish to hone their speech-writing skills and write speech and presentation matter that matters.
Storytellers - Learn the art of storytelling to enhance your speeches and conversations. Learn to be memorable.
Speaking Off-the-cuff - Learn how to think on your feet and speak extemporaneously. The hallmark of confidence and intellect.
Interpersonal Dynamics - Form connections and develop relationships that enhance your life and the lives of others.
"Service Please!" - Improve customer service and gain loyal customers and ensure repeat business.
Sales Mastery - For those who wish to achieve phenomenal success in sales and attract loyal customers.

Brain Gym - Introducing our enjoyable improv exercises proven to help participants think on their feet and develop creative thinking skills.

Increase sales by as much as 50%. Improve job satisfaction. Encourage innovation and creativity. 

"The art of communication is the language of leadership."​

— James Humes



Contact us for more information about our Corporate and Academic Training packages or to schedule a no-cost 'demo' presentation. Also consider sending individual employees or groups to our Captivating Speakers Workshops. This is the most cost-effective way to provide employees valuable communication skills training that does not take time out of their working day. Workshops run from 6:30 pm during the week. Groups are limited to 10 participants to ensure personal attention. We can also run these workshops at your site if you have a minimum of 8 participants in attendance. 


Read a selection of the many testimonials we receive from those who have attended our workshops and benefited. 

CHANTI NIVEN INTERNATIONAL are the offical trainers for The Susan G Komen Speakers Bureau, Make-a-Wish Foundation and The Cancer Support Community's Speaker's Bureau. 



Ten minutes after you meet Chanti, you will begin to feel as if you've known her your entire life. This is largely a function of her deep intellect and piercing intuition but there is still more. She is creative, entrepreneurial, optimistic, empathic, and most of all joyful. Her ability to transform challenges into opportunities elevates the performance and outlook of everyone around her. Chanti is also a powerful and effective public speaker -- capturing not only an audience's full attention but also their imaginations. In my capacity, working with her as Chief Strategy Officer for Green Isle Entertainment, what has consistently impressed me about Chantal is her total commitment to success as the organization has defined it. She is downright electric in her passionate resolve to achieve victory for all.

Robert Holtz - Executive - Holtz Holdings,


Chanti Niven has the tremendous ability of taking the very complex topic of properly communicating through speech to a level that is very easy to learn, to remember and to use. Every time I attend one of her seminars, I learn something new, something fresh and something I haven't heard elsewhere. It takes a great student of speech communication to be able to break it down, deconstruct it and teach it so well. For example, the realization that all communication is bilingual - our native language and also our body language. Both play an integral role in effective communication. Chanti has a tremendous passion that inspires and, yes, captivates. We do need to captivate to communicate! Thank you for teaching those skills so effectively.

John Murray, Broker Associate, Rodeo Realty,


From the onset you had us all captivated with your  eagle’s nest analogy…you managed to equip the group with insights, stories, and practice so that everyone felt more confident to leave their ‘nest’.   With these newly-honed personal insights and the meaningful ways in which you provided upgrades, each member of our C-Suite Transition Forum is sure to stand out from the pack in their next interview!  You and Desiree make  a great team – it’s an even more powerful learning experience when we can observe both of you making the words come alive! When I was chatting with two of the execs at the conclusion of our meeting, they both offered that this was one of the top presentations that they have heard at our Forum…no surprise with that conclusion!

Lynne Krueger, Jo-Anne Smith & Associates, Inc.


I want to first thank you for putting on your Captivating Speakers Workshop. I went into this program thinking "I speak in front of people all of the time, so let's see if I can get a few new tips" Well, a few new tips only covered the first few minutes of the first night of the workshop! The curriculum and approach far beat any expectation I could have ever had. EVERY second was valuable and more than worth the investment! I have been transformed into a Captivating Speaker and I thank you for your wonderful and obvious love for what you do every day. I look forward to attending more sessions and coaching.

Rick Mark, Successful entrepreneur and owner of multiple companies in automotive and I.T. Industries





"Sawubona" I see you!


UCLA Faculty of Science - We were invited to present an introductory seminar for Professors, Post-grads and Post-docs at UCLA. The presentation was well received and Chanti is currently working on designing a program specifically for Scientists that will cater to their unique needs.

Dear Chanti,
I just wanted to thank you for coming to UCLA and delivering a very captivating seminar.  I really enjoyed hearing you speak about effective communication and look forward to discussing opportunities for expanding these topics in follow-up seminars.  

Best regards,

Sotiris Masmanidis
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology
David Geffen School of Medicine
California NanoSystems Institute
University of California, Los Angeles

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