"I am so grateful. This was so much more than a 'speech' class - it was a growth class."

-M. Taylor, SoCal

"The results are absolutely unbelievable!"

What Are You Saying? More importantly, what do people hear, think and remember when you speak? Your success in life is largely determined by the way you communicate. Anyone can utter sounds and present a speech. Not everyone is charismatic and can speak eloquently. Think about it for a moment. What are the qualities of a Captivating Speaker? What makes one speaker stand out above others? Sometimes speaking ability is innate. However, we can teach these important skills to those who are not naturally eloquent and articulate. 

Captivating Speakers is a great choice if you wish to learn how to become a captivating speaker. Learn how to speak with confidence and deliver a message that people will understand and remember.

Ace that interview

Fast-track your business

Make more money

Develop your people skills



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Conquer fear and anxiety
Get promoted and rise to the top

Develop confidence and charisma
Speak with eloquence



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Voice Clinic - Develop your voice, use vocal variety and other captivating devices so that people hang on your every word.

Body Language - Learn to effectively read others and use body language to enhance your own speaking skills and credibility.
Executive Presentations - PowerPoint pointlessness to Presentation Power!! Visual aids to make your audience flip out!
The Art of Performance - Using humor and drama to enhance speeches, presentations and everyday conversations.
Conquering the Fear Factor - Learn how to conquer anxiety and nerves and speak with confidence and poise. 
Advanced Speech-writing - For those who wish to hone their speech-writing skills and write speeches that really matter.
Storytellers - Learn the art of storytelling to enhance your speeches and conversations.
Speaking Off-the-cuff - Learn how to think on your feet and speak extemporaneously. Be seen by others as intelligent and witty.
Interpersonal Dynamics - Form connections and develop relationships that enhance your life.
Writing Skills - For those who wish to write and communicate better. Includes email etiquette and letter writing. It's the 'write' stuff!
The Power of You - Have you ever asked, 'What's my purpose?' or 'What am I here for?' - Find your own path.
"Service Please!" - Improve customer service and gain loyal customers and make sure you get repeat business.
Sales Mastery - For those who wish to achieve phenomenal success in sales and attract loyal customers.
Captivating Teachers - Specialist course for schoolteachers. Captivating teachers lead to captivated, engaged and successful kids.

Success Principles for Business Owners - Grow your business with our tried and tested business success principles.

Captivating Couples - Communication for couples run by professional relationship specialists.